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Shanghai Busker Festival 2017 – “Outstanding Performance”

Once again performing in Shanghai at the Shanghai Busker Festival. This time assisted by my beautiful assistant, helping me out with all my small props and so forth. Shows went on according to plan at different locations in the big city. I even got myself a price for “Outstanding performance” It felt so good to
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Bakken 2017 – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Cruising on my bike playing some Boogie Woogie on the accordion. Every day a little better.       A new diabolo trick, the diabolo stays up there for quite a long time…. ;O) The parrot show working better than ever. Tanja is now able to do almost every trick without mistakes. She is much
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December 2016

December was very busy as usual. Driving around between different cities in the weekends. I did some family christmas shows, this picture is taken at the circus museum. I was also performing 10 evenings at SOHO, this was a christmas dinnershow with a band. The band was playing some vintage rock ‘n’ roll for me,
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I visited Shanghai for to weeks at a festival and some shows on selected spots in the city. By brother accompanied me this time, he played some Ragtime and Rock n’ Roll on his keyboard. We had a great trip we got well treated and the crowd enjoyed our performances. We also spend some time
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New website…… :-)

Finally I have uploadet my new site. There is probably still a few things that needs to be changed. I have spend some time explaining the different shows I work with and some of the other options. Some new graphic work added to. As always I am looking for more photos of myself performing, so
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Galaxy Macau 2015-2016

Four month contract in in Macau well done.  Galaxy Macau is one of the biggest and finest hotels in Macau. Shopping center, casino, restaurants, and entertainment.   I was performing with mime, juggling, restaurant show and fire show.   We had different themes such as Halloween, Christmas, New year and Chinese New year. There was also
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Taipei, Nuuk, Doha…

  This year has been with some international touring. First Taipei in Taiwan, some weeks with training and street shows.     Then Show in the house of culture in Nuuk, Greenland.   Then the burning heat of Doha, Qatar. Mime and juggling shows in shopping centers. Some local shopping and tasting local food. 

Summer Bakken 2014




Wallmans Copenhagen

A picture from my new job at Wallmans Copenhagen. It is a dinner show running from August til June 3-5 days a week. I am performing a 9 minutes act with mime, juggling and dancing. Between the tables I work with every day objects, plates, bottles etc. I also participate in two production numbers with
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New videos

Parrot act Four years of training and finally light at the end of the tunnel. Sharing my life with Tanja has been quite a challenge, I got her when she was only four month old and now 4 years later she is getting ready for stage :O) Click to see the video: Parrot act – Kasper
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Fire shows in Thailand

Fire shows has been part of the beach entertainment for more than 20 years. Thailand is a great place place to practice fire juggling, the tropical nights, the early sunset and the great beaches is making Thailand one of the best spots for fire shows.  I stayed in Thailand for a month doing fire on regular basis
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Performing in the amusement park

Once again I spend my summer Performing at Dyrehavsbakken North of Copenhagen. It is said that Bakken is the oldest amusement park in the world. I was doing a lot of small shows at various places in the park everyday. It’s a kind of high energy street show with no talking but a lot of
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Silhouette I am back home after six month of cruising with Celebrity Crises in Caribbean. We where sailing passengers from New York to the Caribbean islands. I was working as a juggling mime and physical comedian in a big production show on the beautiful ship Silhouette. We had access to a lot of the the
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Welcome to my new blog!

It has been very difficult for me to keep my homepage updated with news and photos. Now it should be a little bit easier with this new blog. Currently I am working at the amusement park Dyrehavsbakken 7 days a week. I do solo shows in the main stage every day, and juggling and mime
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