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                I create smaller circus events and shows; I usually cast and book circus artist, mimes, stilts walkers, dancers and musicians.

                This is not a huge event company that does large decoration, stage set up.

                I have a smaller PA system, a few lamps, some costumes. I work a bit with staging, choreography, makeup and styling. I usually take part in the events myself.

                After a life in show business I got to know a lot of different performers.

                I have unique crossover experience in theatre, circus, dance and music.

                I have leaded a few big projects with many artists and we have performed for some of the biggest festivals and commercial venues in Denmark.

                I have created numerous smaller events with a few handpicked circus artists.

                I have been working directly in corporation with festivals, shopping centres and large event companies.

                I have also made some shows with students from my masterclasses and kids on circus weeks.

                I help new talents to an audience.