Posted by Kasper Jensen on November 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

I visited Shanghai for to weeks at a festival and some shows on selected spots in the city.
By brother accompanied me this time, he played some Ragtime and Rock n’ Roll on his keyboard.
We had a great trip we got well treated and the crowd enjoyed our performances.
We also spend some time making a new kostume and buying other show props.
There is a lot of things going on in Shanghai, unfortunatly you need a license/permission to do street performance, so there is not so much of that. We only did the events in the festival program.
Most of the other performers at the festival where musicians; guitar players, small bands, traditional music on flutes and throat singing. There was also a few circus artist and dancers, and bunch of people doing papper cutting, ballon animals and other crafts.

We also watched the show ERA, it is a great modern circus show with Chinese circus artist.