CV – Kasper Jensen

Posted by Kasper Jensen on November 24, 2020 in Behind the scenes

I have more than 25 years of juggling experience and more than five years of full time training in different courses and schools.

Furthermore I have 20 years professional experience from various circus jobs, solo shows, creation of theme events and work in collaboration with other performers.

I have more than 200 performance days a year.

I have a lot of experience in many styles of performance: juggling, dance, mime, acrobatics, theatre, clowning, break dance, poppin, robot movement and slow motion.

I have been working in the amusement park Dyrehavsbakken in Copenhagen the last 15 seasons. With street shows around the area and on the on the main stage. I work with various of my own shows and concepts such as juggling and mime, parrot show, accordion on unicycle, fire show. 

I have worked two seasons in Wallmans Salonger in Copenhagen and Oslo.

I have also worked in 4 month Macau (China) at Galaxy Hotel and at cruise ship Celebrities Cruises (NY-Caribbean) 6 months.

I also perform freelance with my show in most of Denmark.

I have performed circus acts in Cirkus Nemo, dinner events in Cirkus Dannebrog and children shows with Cirkus Big

I have produced many events with multiple performers.

Played part in Hip Hop dance theatre with Freestyle Phanatix in Denmark and Sweden.

Performed two month with an act in a Variety at Gladsaxe Theater.

I have produced shows for Roskilde festival, the Circus museum, Pivot entertainment and Thon Hotels

Made live shows with various bands, Gåte in Norway and Rusty Budhorns in Denmark.

I performed on TV on several occasions on Danish channels. Live act at Danish (national broadcasting) TV show TALENT 08 and TALENT 14

My goal as an artist is to establish my circus character through different types of movement. I have the approach to my body that even the simplest movement has to differ from everyday life. Strength, flexibility, precision and illusion are keywords for understanding the body mechanics in my performances. That is the starting point of my work. The theatrical part is to charm and to create the atmosphere of play between the audience and me. Even though I have very good technical skills I still consider humor to be a key factor in most of my performances.


2011 and 2013 Juste debout (France), master classes 

2007-2009 Trampolin / tumbling – Michael Søeborg.

2008 Master class in Budapest with Jani Nuutinen (FIN) by Circle Around.

2007 Dance classes – Funk / hip-hop – Spin off dance studio (NO).

2003-2004 Circus Space (London), The Artist Line (AFUK, DK)

2002-2009 Poppin and Breakdance at 2thebeat (DK)

2001-2002 The Commedia School: physical theatre, mime, comedy, illusions, character. 

2001-2002 Private classes in corporal mime with Poni and kung-fu with Wei Ming.

1999-2002 AFUK course of physical theatre and FUU open education plan 1999-2002 

1997-1998 Amager Kung-fu skole 

1996-1997 Congas and African drums. Den rytmiske aftenskole.

1996-1999 Graduated high school at Det frie gymnasium.

1995-1996 Music and gymnastics at Osted fri- og Efterskole

Along with classes I also have a lot of experience with life in the world of performance. On my journeys, at conventions and through my work I have gathered inspiration from hundreds of street artists, professional circus artists, dancers, acrobats, break dancers, puppeteers, clowns, comedians and human statues.

Professional work history in reverse chronologic order:



juggling show, parrot show, Halloween stilt walking and fireshows 124 days

The Circus Museum (Hvidovre) 

juggling presentation, birthday shows, workshops with school kids 70 days (14/10)

Shopping centres and city with Showbizz Danmark 

Rosengårdcentret robot walk around in Odense, Esbjerg city streetshows 2 days, Hjørring city streetshows

Skovshoved skole juggling workshops 4 days

Måløv Halloween fireshows at festival 

Cirkusmuseet and Avedøre library, Halloween fireshow

Fritidscenter Amager fireshow at halloween for a school with Evenses

Vejen by night street shows and fireshow

Private fireshows with Evenses, Greve, Kulhuse, Solgården Taastrup, Defence Group Solrød, Einstein Herning , Korsør

Vedbæk havnedag parrot show show and walk around.

Bjørnemose gods fireshow at big company event

Kulturhavn Gilleleje fireshow at festival

Egeskov slot

multiple shows in the amazing park and in front of the castle 5 days

Skævinge byfest juggling shows at festival

Lysnæs surfcenter Skt. Hans with Showbizz Danmark

Svendborg bycenter jugglingshow and parrot show 2 days

Codegarden Odense juggling, parrot show and gold robot at corporate event 2 days

Hjallerup Marked

shows at the big marketplace 3 days

Ledreborg slot and Realdania circus workshops with The Circus Museum

Gallopbanen klampenborg performing waiter with Undercover service 

Sorø Kulturnat fireshows and stilt walking

Private parties

Taastrup birthday, Sonnerup gods parrot show at a wedding, Skovlunde private children birthday,  Toldboden Frederikssund 70th birthday, Vanløse juggling show for resident association, Brønshøj private children birthday



shows, parrot, mime, Christmas fireshows and bubbles 121 days

The Circus Museum (Hvidovre)

juggling, birthdays, workshops with school kids 35 days

Shopping centres and city with Showbizz Danmark 

BROEN and Esbjerg by night 2 daysSolrød center fireshow, Odense letbane grand opening, Ishøj bycenter Christmas show

Røde kors show on Christmas day

Galleria Center Syd Malmø Christmas shows  4 days

Tandex workshop for the toothbrush company

Nordisk kollegium fire show at big student party with Evenses

Konfirmandhuset juggling show

Vejen by night stilt walking and shows at festival

Realdania workshop in Odense with The Circus Museum.

Vedbæk havnedag show and stilt walking at festival

Spejdernes lejr with Events og lejrbål

fireshows at huge festival for scouts  2 days

Egeskov Slot 

shows in the amazing park and in front of the castle 5 days

Ungdommens røde kors circus day for summer camp children at Faxehus

Hatten Bar fireshow at collegium festival

Cirkusmuseet i Rold (Himmerland) show and workshop in the old circus building

Skævinge byfest shows on the festival

Tadre mølle show at the old market

Restaurent 56 grader fireshow at company event

Nærum kulturdag show at festival

Sydhavn sogn fireshow at festival

Hjallerup Marked

juggling shows at the huge market place 3 days

Lyngby boldklub fireshow before the game

Egebjerg plejecenter shows 2 days

Nyborg food market classic French mime with Evenses

Pelican self storage 

commercial with mime for cinema and internet with Mellow ApS

Fryd og gammen (KBH Ø) birthday show, ballon and face paint 2 days

Familienetværk Hjørring show and table entertainment

Birthdays and private events:

Frederiksværk Halloween fireshow, KBH V resident association, Bagsværd 70th birthday, KBH C 50th birthday, Odense silver wedding Brøndby resident association, Nyborg fireshow at birthday, Holbæk birthday, Charlottenlund children birthday Vejby polterabend, Bottega Estadio (KBH Ø) infant baptism celebration Ordrup children birthday,Terassen (KBH N) 70th birthday, Stenløse fireshow at confirmation, Hellerup  private kindergarden Glostrup hallen fireshow company event, Odense juggling show at Confirmation.



Shows, parrot shows, fire shows 104 Days

The Circus Museum

Juggling, Circus workshops and Birthday show 32 days

Shopping centres and City

Odense, Glostrup, Solrød, Esbjerg, Ishøj, Nyborg, 

Hørsholm 10 Days with Showbizz Danmark

Trørødskolen Fire show with ekstra artist and bubbles

Bakkens Perle & Fryd og Gammen

Halloween special show for kids 5 days

Munkekærskolen Show and workshop

Masterclass Private mime class 2 days

Kulturnatten Fire show with fire artist with Realdania & The Circus Museum

Birthday shows Privatefamily shows 3 days

Parrot show at 70 years birthday Parrotshow in a restaurant 

Lille værløse skole Stage show for kids

Spejderne i Ry Fire show + ekstra artist 

Vejen by night Stilts, shows and fire show + ekstra artist

Vedbæk Havnedag Mingle and stage show 

Cafe Svend (Svendborg)

Parrot show, cafe show, soap bubbles,“super hero” 4 days

Egeskov Slot

Shows, parrot- and fire show by the castle and park 5 days

Cirkus museet i Rold (Himmerland)  Parrot show and juggling show

Skævinge byfest og kræmmermarked Juggling shows

Codegarden Gold mime and juggling at Umbraco conference i Odense 2 Days



Shows, parrot shows, fireshows 108 days

Nursing homes in Odense

Christmas- and fire shows 6 days  with Showbizz Danmark

Rosengårdscentret (Odense)

Corona guide mime 8 days with Showbizz Danmark

The Circus Museum Juggling, Circus workshops and birthdays 17 days

Shopping centres and City

Esbjerg, Helsinge, Solrød, Nyborg 7 days with Showbizz Danmark

Cirkus Flik Flak Show with drummer

Helene Nymann Art video with mime

Birthday Parties Privatefamily shows 2 days

Rødovre skole SFO Circus workshops 2 days 

Bakkens gøgler akademi

Circus workshops and pop ups with 5 artist organized by and Dyrehavsbakken 5 days 

Passage festival Show andCircus workshops at theatre festival 3 days

Sommersjov på plænen i Ringsted Stage show for kindergardens in Ringsted

Egeskov Slot

Shows, parrot- and fireshow by the castle and park 4 days

Skønne Skævinge Show and livestream festival

Carolina skolen Stage show for kids and family 

Cirkus Big (Vestsjællandscentret)

Circus show, circus school and parade 5 days

Nord magasinet A mingle show and magazine article 

Music video DJ Alligator dancing on stilts 



Soloshows, fireshows and accordion on unicycle 129 days


Shows, circus classes, and circus birthdays 33 days

Vivaldi Table entertainment and fireshow at new years party

Ildshow rådhusplads Fireshow 2 artists

Juleshow røde korts Christmas show

Magasin Stylte event Schweppers  Stilt walking 4 dage

Nyborg Christmas theme fireshow 2 artists

Solrød Center Christmas theme fireshow 2 artists

Trørød skole Christmas theme fireshow 2 artists

Vega corporate event Mimes and stiltwalkers  4 artist

Åhus AGF Juggling at soccer event

Hundige Private party show

Shanghai Busker Festival

juggling and mime Shows 2 artists, 4 days 

Vesterbro Bibliotek Parrotshow

Pivot Fashion show on stilts

Odense Parrot show and juggling

Gentofte fødselsdag Private Party

Bryllup Admiral hotel Private fireshow at wedding

Cirkus Flik Flak Juggling and mime show in a circus club

Trykfonden reklame Street mime for TV shoot

Vedbæk havn Mingle and show 2 artists

Engen Bakken Juggling show, workshop and drummer 3 artists

Natklub Fireshow in front of the nightclub

Nokken Show at small festival

Broen Shopping Parrotshow

Rudkøbing Handelsstand Shows

Rødovre Cirkus workshops 2 days

Skævinge Shows at festival 

Tadre Mølle Show at old market place

Osramhuset Show at festival

Hvidovre miljø Show at festival

Helsingør Fireshow in music video

Cirkus på engen Bakken Juggling show, workshop and drummer 3 artists

Brumleby Show at festival

Hillerød Klaverfabrikken Shows at street theatre festival 3 days

Imam ali moskeen Parrotshow in festival


Shows, mingle and gold robot statue 2 days

Hvalsø Private party show

Planetariet PIVOT

Cirkusmuseet Event Realdania Circus workshop

Fødselsdag Søborg Show at birthday party

Køge Handelsstand Fireshows and parade in the city by night

Brøndby Fødselsdag Private birthday show

Pivot TDC Stiltwalking

Fastalavnsfest Show 

Frederiksborg Skole Show in a school

Ferie for alle (Messecenter Herning)

Shows + additional artist with Dyrehavsbakken 3 days



Soloshows, fireshows and accordion on unicycle 132 days


Juggling show, circus classes, and circus birthdays 56 dage

Vivaldi, Table entertainment and fireshow at new years party

Center Süd (Sverige)  Show Christmas theme

Ringe Fireshow Christmas theme 

Fredericia Fireshow 2 artists Christmas theme

Trorødskolen Fireshow  2 artists Christmas theme

Solrød center Fireshow  2 artists

Lyngby storcenter 4 days Soloshows

Ildshow Bryggen Fireshow at a school

Bürlov center Shows unicycle and stilts 2 artist

Knuthenborg Safari

Fireshow with drummer WWF og Dawn Event 

Papegøjeshow i Brønshøj show  + parrot show

Rosengårdscentret i Malmø Shows and unicycle

Broen Shopping Esbjerg Parrotshow

Orientalsk Show company event with 4 artister

Vejen by night byfest Soloshow + Fireshow

Nørrebro børne basket festival Soloshow 

Vedbæk Havnedag Mime mingle and show 2 artist

Mariehøj Robinhood Circus and theatre classes

Charlottenlund Travbane Mime mingle at by the racetrack

70års fødselsdag Birthday party


Fireshow and a drummer WWF og Dawn Event

Enhedslisten soloshow og workshop

Dansk Metal Bakken Show and workshop

Folkemødet Bornholm Streetshows

Nærum Kulturdag Show 

Socialdemokratiet Soloshow

Cirkus Flik Flak Soloshow in a circus club

FC Nordsjælland

Fireshow at football stadium

Sydhavn Sogn Fireshow

Damhus kroen, Marie Donna Dahl

Varieté number at Madonna event

2×40års fødselsdag Stilts juggling and mingle  Pivot 

WWF Tivoli Styltegiraffer

Stiltwalking, dancing, recording my own track on keyboard  Dawn event

Døllefjelde Musse marked

Shows at the market place

Dansebar og Einstein Herning Nightclub show with fire

Hellerup Privateschool show

Fastalavnsfest Amager Soloshow

Ballerup Fire show private party



Soloshows, accordion and unicycling, about 60 Parrot shows 

Herlev Bymidte Figurative Ballons and Juggling show 

Shanghai Busker Festival

Show week in Shanghai getting an award for “Outstanding performance”

Knuthenborg Safaripark

Halloween Fire show and Drums with WWF Panda Club

Kronen Shopping Grand Opening Mime and Mingle at 3 Butikken

Godhavn Skole Drums and Circus collaboration show with professional drummer Laurent Fricault

Freestyle Phanatix and Copenhagen Street Food Fireshow and mime

Radisson Hotel big children show at the hotel for Veritas

Vejen open by nightSoloshows and fireshow

Vedbæk Havnedag Show with ekstra artist and mime mingle

Hesbjerg Gøglertræf Parrot show and soloshow

Bregentved Dyrskue Soloshow 2 days

Kibæk  Soloshow andFireshow at wedding

Skt. Hans Bakken Fireshow

Kongenshave Mime show with ekstra artist at Orangeriet

Nærum kulturdag Mime show with ekstra artist

Enghave Remise Mimishow at kindergarten with ekstra artist

“Carnival of venice” Theme Stilt walking at Odd Fællow Palæet

Esbjerg Storcenter Unicycle and show

Hjørring open by night Soloshows and fire show

Døllefjelde Musse Marked

Shows at the market place

Frydenlund Juggling and parrot by the Castle 

“Moulin Rouge” Theme Fireshow and juggling act at Alexander Rexens 30. birthday

Trekroner Soloshow “Confirmation”

Nældebjergsvenner Parrot show at nursing home

Klub Spring bræddet Children show

Trommen i Hørsholm Cinema opening

Center syd Unicycling and stilltwalking

Rosengårdscentrum Unicycling and stilltwalking


Stillt show with Pivot Performance at huge event

Cirkusmuseet Cirkus workshops 9 days

Fastelavn Children show in Hørsholm

HIVE Fireshow at nightclub 4 show nights

Vendsyssel Teater

Grand Opening Event

Vendsyssel Teater Masterclass in corporal mime with Teater Talent Vendsyssel One week with youth team



Street shows, stage shows, Parrot show, mime, fire show, 100 show days with 4 shows daily.

Cafe Vivaldi Special event at New Year Eve party in Copenhagen.

SOHO Lounge and music bar (Holbæk)

Solo act with live band (rock n’ roll), table entertainment and fire show 10 show days

Nattoget (slagelse): 2 show days, entertainment at nightclub, mime, juggling and dancing. 

Cirkus Museet: Family Christmas show at the circus museum.

Farsø (Nordjylland): Fire show. 

Christmas shows, Company family Christmas, Kastrup, Ørestad, Ballerup, Kalvebod Brygge, København K.


Street performance festival, Galla opening show on TV.

Værløse: Circus classes at private event with show

Asnæs Centret: Family show.

Shade Night club: Fire show.

Private party at Domus Medica: Mime and Table Entertainment.

Soloshows: Amager, Tåstrup.

Ole Lynggaard: Jewelry event.

Private company event:  Fire show.

Sillebroen: Mime mingle.

Vejen by night Stilt walking and shows.

Tivoli congress center Stageshow with Pivot.

Solo shows: Family shows at Brumleby, Stjernelund.

Sankt Hans: Children fire show.

Lyngby storcenter: Mime walkabout show.

Undercover service: Table entertainment.

Esbjerg by night: juggling mime, restaurant and fire show 3 shows.

Parrot show at elder home: Parrot show in Greve.

Confirmation parties: Glumsø, Næstved, Everdrup, Fensmark.

Hørsholm midtpunkt: Cirkus event with Balkan music parades.

Galaxy Macau (China)

Street shows, Fire shows, Mime, Clown, Event. About 110 show days with 6 shows daily  


Galaxy Macau (China)

Christmas Shows: Køge, Husum, Farsø, Odense, Allerød, Kalvebod Brygge 


Street shows, stage shows, Parrot show, mime, fire show, 100 show days with 4 shows daily

Amager center Event: special event with 10 Artist show day and workshops in corp. with PIVOT

Næstved Trolde Festival

Fire show, Troll Mingle, Street shows, Face painting 3 days

Fashion show, Hjørring: Globe walking mime, with By Mathew

Undercover service: table entertainment

Vejen by Night: Juggling an mime, Stilt walking

Fields Cinema Grand opening

Chaplin mime 5 show days

Oriental event: Fire show, parrot, snakes, juggling and guest artist

Himmelstorm: Fire show and family show

Doha (Qatar)

Stage shows,5 days 2 shows a day EID

Nuuk (Greenland)

Show at Katuaq cultural centre 

Esbjerg by night: juggling shows and fire show

Istedgade gadefest: 3 shows at big street festival

1. maj i Sydhavnen: Family show

Mime and juggling shows: Amager, Søborg, Lyngby, Brumleby, Rymarken,Bagsværd, Faxe, vedbæk

Confirmation parties: Næstved, Frederiksberg, Dragør, Stenløse

Stilt walking: Bella center, Waves Greve, Hillerød, gråbrødre torv, Albertlsund

Good old days Hjørring

Variete på Vendelbohus teater

Mime event: Dentist exhibition

Central værkstedet Århus: Mime show

Novo Nordisk: Stilt dancing with Pivot


Danmark har talent 2014 (TV2)

Juggling act in tv show


Amusement park 4 shows a day 90 days

Wallmans Salonger

Dinner show in Copenhagen 150 show days 2014-15

Christmas shows Shows in Tuborg havn, Amager, Frederiksberg, Amager, Hvidovre rådhus, Dyssegård, Asnæs, Næstved, Hellerup. 

Taipei (Taiwan)Street shows and training 20 shows

Troll festival (Næstved)

5 Fire shows and events 3 days with guest performers in Næstved

Karrusel Fire shows music festival in Odense

Birkerød Golden days Historical event show

Fire show Bakken Skt. Hans and Nightclub Herning

Botanisk have solo show and parrot show 

Østerbro Avis Front pagewith my parrot in local newspaper


Participating in a TV game against ninjutsu expert

Color Zoom Mime at Fashion Event 

MCH – Food Service

Robot mime at Food Fair 3 days

Dawn Event Fredericia Mime, Ikast fire performance in production theme show

Solo shows Køge, Vordingborg, Sydhavn, Christianshavn, Sydhavn, Børkop, Odense, Ringsted, Vordingborg city, Vanløse, Østerbro, Hesbjerg, Søllerrød, Amager, Kalundborg city, Herlev center, Avedøre, Hvidovre, Slagelse, Gladsaxe


Wallmans Salonger

Dinner show in Copenhagen 150 show days 2014-15


Danish amusement park 4 shows a day 100 performance days

Thon Hotel

7 Christmas- and happy new year shows

Stilt Event Malmø

Show and circus workshop 2 Days


Family show at Danish festival 

NASA Nightclub event with fire

Dawn Event Herning Event

Spoing Newcircus festival for children

Dawn Event Dance and circus event with dancer at football match

Dynamo (Music Video) Fire performance in Danish video Dynamo

Circus workshop 3 days 


Guest performance comedy TV show with Basim

Event at restaurant NIMB with Pivot performance

Fire shows Discotheque shows with guest artist in Jutland ,Herning, Amager strand, Skt Hans Bakken

Thon hotel

Shows at ski resort 11 days

SOLO SHOWS Touring Denmark

Auning, Herluf magle, Brøndbyøster, Herlev, Amager, Helsinge, Frederikssund, Slagelse, Østerbro, Freiers, Roskilde, Kalundborg, Ballerup, Køge, Herning, Nærum, Valby, Helgenæs, Nørre Nebel, Præstø, Islandsbrygge, Odense, Hvidovre, Søllerød, Ølgod, Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Fredericia, Græsted, Solrød, Havdrup, Vanløse, Kastrup



Shows, street mime and juggling, 4 sets a days 73 days

35 Solo shows and guest artist’s productions In different Danish cities

Thon Hotel

Shows at ski resort I Norway 5 shows

Bakkens julemarked

Christmas juggling og mingle 11 shows days 

Backstage theatre (Ireland)

Solo show in Longford at a theatre

Fireshow at fulllmoon festival Koh Phangan (Thailand)

and Shows on daily basic at Koh Tao in Thailand 14 show days  

PIVOT performance (Privat Birthday party)

Event for Danish jetset, I was performing and producing for 8 circus artist.

Krogerup højskole workshop in juggling and mime


Main character in a show on a big cruise ship, 6 month contract, Physical comedy and 2 juggling acts.




4 shows a day 90 days

Det Kongelige teater fireshow, mime, juggling at a private event 

Pivot performance (Stockholm)

Mime and table entertainment

Industrimesse Herning

Human robot and mime

Valby kulturdage  Stilt walking and mime follow

Dawn events, Acts and table entertainment, theme Shows at hotels

Kvik Køkkener show + fireshow

Cirkus Flik Flak Show + workshop

Clown festival with Benny Schumann

clownjuggling act

Næstved City Shows

Vordingborg Festuge Shows

Google street view event 

Hotel Bella Sky GrandOpeningEvent 

TV2 Zulu

Tv Event 

Skanderborg medarbejder festival Show 

Parken Handball event 

Release the Beast Fire show

DSB tv commersial 

Glostrup shopping center Event

Trinity hotel Show

Sillebroen shopping 8 shows

Juste Debout Dance festival (Paris)

3F – Mime show

Bella Center Fireshow

Vejle fjordhotel Fireshow

AFUK teaching in the circus school

Tivoli hotel Fire show and mime event

Thon hotel

Shows at ski resort 21 days



92 Days, 4 shows a day

EM women handball opening

Contact juggling on live tv

Randers regnskov Bodypaint event

AFUK Event comwell hotel, Rambøll

Dansk Kabel TV show with Undercover service

Horsens medieval market

Grand arena performance with additional artist

Dawn event Table entertainment and Fire shows.

Pivot performance

Show events in Denmark and Berlin.

SHOWBIZZ DANMARK Soloshows in most of Denmark.

Clown festival with Benny Schumann

Eccentric comedy juggling act 9 days, 19 shows 

VIMA Street mime at convention 6 days

Thon hotel (Norway)

(Norway) 16 days with shows

Trapeze (Circus Dannebrog)

Copenhagen fashion week


Månefestivalen (Norway)

4 shows with two guest artists.

Thon Hotels (Norway) 3 shows with to guest artist

Bakken Skt. Hans Fireshow with 6 performers by Kasper Jensen


show/workshop with Pjerrot and Kasper Jensen 8 Wednesdays

Matas miljøpris show in Tønder

Frederiksbergcentret walkabout

Skeikampen (Norway)

Juggling show with Cirkus Big and Kasper Jensen 7 days

Gallerierne Hillerød

Shows og walkabout 10 shows and walkabout

CIRKUS 4 shows , Allerød, Roskilde, Holte, Hillerød

Skeikampen (Norway)

7 different shows in on week! (CIRKUS) with 2 guest artist 7 days

Cirkusmuseet (CIRKUS)

Production of a new show (CIRKUS) by Kasper Jensen, 5 shows

Cirkus big  Cirkus show in Næstved

AFUK, Event in Kolding at Mungo Park

Undercover Service Table entertainment, 2 events

Bülovsvejens skole Teacing kids at Tuesdays fo 10 weeks


Skeikampen (Norway)

Christmas shows

Suitcase Shows (Talent 2008 – Shows)

Glostrup, Sorø, Støvring, Fanø, Tønder, Horsens, Ikast and Møn With Showbizz Danmark 

Cirkus Nemo

Variety act in theatres with Søren Østergard. 11 acts.

Masterclass Budapest with Jani Nuutinen (Fin) by Circle Around at Trafó (Hun).

Gladsaxe ny teater

Variety act in The Wild Party 25 acts.

TALENT 2008 (Live TV)

TV Competition, performance with mime at DR.

Danske Bank Event by AFUK

Klima Festival København Stilt walking

Ekko Walkathon Huge event with thousands participators, Cirkus Big show

Gladsaxe rådhus Mime event / slapstick 

Gold and silver exhibition Stilt walking and slapstick by Pivot Entertainment

Bianco Stilt walking with Pivot Entertainment

Circus week Teaching children

Cirkus Big

Summer tour in July, 50 shows

Valhøj Skole Show with four artists at public school by Kasper Jensen.

VIP party Filmhuset Stilts, mime and robot

Luux Pacha 

Dansens Dag Juggling and mime at a theatre in Malmø (SV) 

Tribini Opening event Bakken.

Skeikampen (Norway)

One week with shows and fun at a ski resort

ATP Robot at DTU

De røde sko

HC Andersen dance theatre with Freestylephanatix and FLOW

Danish Crown / Tulip Robot waiter

Comedy fight club

Guest teacher TV2 ZULU

Fields Fødselsdag Walkabout

Fields vinterferie

20 artist, two weeks with workshops, walkabout and shows by Kasper Jensen

Mime workshop i Greve kommune Teaching mime with Kulturspirerne.


Julefrokoster Table entertainment and children shows around Denmark

Jul på hovedbanegården Walkabout

Toms chokolade fabrik Dinnershowwith Undercover service

Slotsarkaden Walkabout Hillerød

Julemarked i Hillerød Walkabout and fire shows

Cirkus projekt i Greve kommune

5 artist, workshops November by Kulturspirerne and Kasper Jensen.

Roskilde cityforening Street show and workshop

Cirkus uge Godhavn Teaching kids at a home for children

Cirkus Big

Touring on Danish campsites all July, 20 shows

Wallmans salonger OSLO

158 shows! Performing on a daily basis in the dinner-show from August 2006 till July 2007


Wallmans salonger OSLO

Juggling acts and table entertainment

Cirkus Big

Touring on Danish campsites all July, 31 shows

Danish DJ Awards Fire show

Cirkusbygningen Entertainment to Commercial Awards 

Fødselsdag i Fields

4 days with a “double up” twin concept produced by Kasper Jensen

Cirkus big 6 shows in shopping centres in Jylland


Fields Christmas, walkabout with Santa and ferries  

Cirkus Big 4 Family shows 2 Africa events

TV2 Charlie

Juggling, Diana Benneweis i Charlie aktionen

TV2 Zulu

Gindbergs store aften, Juggling and mime

Fields 3 shows and walkabout

Bust Da Breakz (Freestylephanatix)

9 shows with dancing and juggling

Nørrebro Festival

Variety, 2 shows

Sensommer Variete (Næstved)

3 shows in Næstved, Stage number and Fire show

HC Andersen parade

3 shows and TV2 Godmorgen Danmark

Ekko Walkathon Mime  

Stylter og cirkus

Walkabout, mime, marionette and stilts 8 shows

Break-dance & Circus street shows in Denmark


Roskilde festival 2005

Street shows 2005   Daily shows in Granada Spain (April, May).  Break dance n’ Circus (July)

Dimensionz (Freestylephanatix)

4 dance shows with fire performance in theatres in Skåne (Sweden).


GÅTE Iselilja tour 2004 (Norway)

22 concerts and solo shows all over Norway. Rockefeller Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen, Tromsø…

The Rusty Butthorns and The Panzer General

2002-200?  Balkan band with spectacular circus! 

2004 Solo Tour (Aug, Sept, Oct) in Finland, Sweden, France and Spain.

Tabletonics 2004: 5 piece circus ensemble.

Roskilde festival

2005 CirkUFObia , 2004 (Rusty budhorns), 2003 (Rusty B.) 2000 (AFUK)

Bubbo and Leonard : 2000-2002 Clown shows in various institutions and events.

Dragon breed Fire shows : 2000-2002 fire show