Event and production

During my life in show business I got to know a lot of different performers.

I own a lot of different circus equipment and special gear, costumes and makeup. So I am able to make events from scratch.

I know what the audience like and I have crossover experience in theatre, circus, dance and music. I have a great imagination and new spectacular ideas.


During my career I have been responsible for quite a few shows and events. I usually take part in the show myself, but I also like to organize the performance, arrange the music, work on themes and do the makeup.


I have led a few big projects with many artists at some of the biggest festivals and commercial venues in Denmark.


I have created numerous smaller events with a few handpicked circus artists.


I have been working directly in corporation with festivals, shopping centres and event companies.


I have also made some amateur shows with students from my master classes and pupils in the circus weeks.


It is an honour for me to help new talents to an audience.