Book a classic Mime with white gloves and face paint.

I create mime illusions with physical theatre and gives life to invisible mime objects and forces.

I like to use some of the techniques from street dance, robot dance, slow motion and slapstick.

I also do animated characters, visual sketches and interaction.

I perform with either Mime show, Variety act or with an imitation parody act on the floor.

In the imitation parody I follow random people around and make fun with them in a nice way.

I can also mingle around the town or work at a good spot. Look at Mingle in the top menu.



I can also use special costumes and movement to create more specific figures, which can be adapted into a specific setup, theme event or show.


I have good experiences performing to themes as Christmas, Halloween, Sci-Fi, Chaplin and so forth.

The mime is also great in parades and together with music and concerts.


I would also like to take part in theatre plays. The mime artist can play physical demanding roles with sophisticated and surreal movements. The techniques are great for animating characters, creatures, advanced slapstick and historical jesters.